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I'm a communications professional, a neuroscientist-in-training and a qualified teacher so I've run workshops at all organisational levels, to improve:

  • Agile ways of working - including growing an agile mindset, introducing agile practices sustainably, and much more
  • Communication (particularly in distributed, online and hybrid-working teams)
  • Coaching skills for leaders
  • Feedback
  • Conflict
  • Morale
  • Trust and transparency
  • … and much more

I help agile professionals dig down to see what's underneath, to work out what's valuable and worth preserving - and always with gentle, playful curiosity.

I'm well-versed in Agile ways of thinking, being and doing and I gladly take that mindset into every aspect of my own life. If you're an agile professional who takes their role seriously, I will work with you and your people, focusing on the "Individuals and interactions" element of the Agile manifesto - because whilst processes and tools are crucial, we need our brilliant people able to interact effectively with each other if they're going to get anywhere with the processes or tools, and deliver the value our businesses need to thrive.

I work at all levels of your organisation to stop things falling through gaps by improving interactions and interactive systems; that might be behaviourally or it might extend to full-scale change management. I will help you use better team dynamics to turn unhealthy conflict around, increase understanding and shape your culture with effective top-down and bottom-up communications.

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