Behavioural coach. Agile advocate. Tea appreciator.

Trained to listen, accredited as a coach, and very practiced in the art of asking just the right question; I work with you and your team helping you all become more effective in what you do.Ā 

I'm a communications professional, a neuroscientist-in-training and a qualified teacher so I've run workshops at all organisational levels, to improve:

  • Agile ways of working - including growing an agile mindset, introducing agile practices sustainably, and much more
  • Communication (particularly in distributed, online and hybrid-working teams)
  • Coaching skills for leaders
  • Feedback
  • Conflict
  • Morale
  • Trust and transparency
  • ā€¦ and much more

Welcome to my iterative website where design and content is uploaded as soon as it's ready...

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Maelstrom: A Tiny Guide to Self-Regulation

Maelstrom: A Tiny Guide to Self-Regulation


I was ashamed to be asking for help ā€“ to be seen to be needing help. As if somehow, needing help and asking for it ā€“ when Iā€™m a successful independent coach! ā€“ was a terrible, shameful thing. So I tried to hide it, cover over it, like a cat would on your flowerbed.

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